Viral Duck Films
Artist: Charles Bronson

            Short Films, Fine Art,Copper Sculpture,Photography        

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The Art of
Six Oclock News
The Great American Novel
Circles 2009
Funny Farm
Hendrix on the Wall
Remember Danny Dent?
Dance of the Butterfly
Project M
Peace Sign
I saw Hendrix
Gallery 204-Vista,CA
1969 Add on footage
Rare Photos 69
VHS 1969 intro
The Lost Tapes
Seven Deadly Habits
When we Awake
Country Dick Montana Tribute
Wendy O. Williams-Part 1
Wendy O. Williams-Part 2
Clowns will Eat You
Things have Changed
Billy wont Die
Charmin Survey
Very Weird Science
What have we Learned
Artist on the Loose
Dalis Dream
Maxfield Parrish
Its a Beautiful Day
Whos the Man? (Man Ray)
Picasso Lives
Art in Vista,CA
The Meaning of Life
Tragic Ground -Trailer
Green (I see Dead People)
Lost in Facebook
Mr. Fox
True Facts Vol.1
Bin Dead
Second Life Destroyed
Glenn Beck Confession
Way back in the 20 Century
More Soon..
Hair not made in USA
Sing Along-VSR
Stupid People